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Date: 19 Nov 2015

IP protection is a must for small businesses

How can you protect new products against infringement?

Date: 18 Nov 2015

Lawyers are champion charity fundraisers at the double

Two B P Collins lawyers dug deep to achieve two very personal challenges for charities close to their hearts.

Date: 05 Nov 2015

Do you have a Christmas cracker of an idea for a new business?

Vicky Holland shares seasonal tips if you're setting up a new business with family or friends.

Date: 28 Oct 2015

Residential landlords – legal formalities matter

Benelovent landlords having to take court action after dispensing with formalities to save tenants money.

Date: 27 Oct 2015

New lease of life for commercial properties

Geoff Collins of The Frost Partnership explores development rights in light of new measures.

Date: 26 Oct 2015

Property developers rue absence of formal contracts

Alleged joint venture agreements between property developers unravelled, leading to costly litigation.

Date: 25 Oct 2015

Rights of way – what does ‘continuous’ mean?

A recent case shows the importance of the wording under which a right of access is granted.

Date: 23 Oct 2015

‘Hedge and ditch’ rule applies in County Court case

In rural areas, apparent boundaries can move over time of which maps tend to be less accurate.

Date: 22 Oct 2015

Property speculators must take the rough with the smooth

Businessman who hoped to win £4.5mil after gas pipeline was laid under land he purchased came away without a penny.

Date: 19 Oct 2015

Taking on an apprentice

Hannah King explains the rules if you already employ apprentices or if you are thinking about recruiting one.