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Date: 28 Apr 2015

Birth of new rules for working parents

Thanks to new Shared Parental Leave rules, new mothers can share up to 50 weeks of leave with their partner.

Date: 27 Apr 2015

The potential ups and downs of inheritance tax

It’s extremely likely that inheritance tax changes will be on the agenda after the general election.

Date: 26 Apr 2015

Thinking about investing in buy-to-let?

Mike Wragg looks at just some of the legal implications of the increasingly popular buy-to-let market.

Date: 25 Apr 2015

A helping hand to launching a new venture

As the number of new businesses rises, there is a surge in alternative sources of finance for early-stage start-ups.

Date: 24 Apr 2015

Children to have a greater say in disputes concerning them

News that children are to have a greater say in family court cases has been warmly welcomed by family team.

Date: 23 Apr 2015

Don’t put your head in the clouds when it comes to data protection

The ability to store data in “the cloud” is big business but before you entrust your precious data it pays to ask a few questions.

Date: 22 Apr 2015

Why entrepreneurs’ relief matters

A change of government may possibly bring the phasing out or scaling back of entrepreneurs' relief.

Date: 21 Apr 2015

Businesses warned over the IP implications of 3D printing

3D printing has taken the world by storm, but what are the legal implications of reproducing items?

Date: 20 Apr 2015

Ex-wife wins battle to claim money 20 years after divorce

Five judges unanimously agreed that an ex-wife should be allowed to pursue a financial claim against her multi-millionaire former husband.

Date: 19 Apr 2015

Deregulation Bill: A “wake-up call” for landlords

Sarah McLoughlin highlights implications of Deregulation Bill for residential landlords and tenants.