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Date: 29 Jul 2015

Disciplining employees for phone use whilst driving

The need to have a clear policy in place banning employees from using phones whilst driving.

Date: 28 Jul 2015

Highly skilled migrant worker scores immigration victory

Skilled migrant worker, who was refused permanent leave to remain in UK, wins case to overturn decision.

Date: 27 Jul 2015

Bus driver who tested positive for drug use unfairly dismissed

Driver tested positive for cocaine use despite never having taken the substance, leading to unfair dismissal.

Date: 26 Jul 2015

Insurance industry ‘doyenne’ loses age discrimination case

Insurance worker recently lost age discrimination case following the termination of her contract.

Date: 25 Jul 2015

Failure to provide a written statement of employment particulars

All employees – whether full-time or part-time – are entitled to a written statement of particulars.

Date: 24 Jul 2015

TUPE: ‘clients’ and ‘contractors’

The meaning of ‘client’ and ‘contractor’, for purposes of TUPE, clarified by Employment Appeal Tribunal.

Date: 23 Jul 2015

Employee fails in challenge to level of compensation

Employee who claimed more than £1.2m compensation against former employer comes away with just £9000.

Date: 22 Jul 2015

How to prepare for a princely present

Prince George's birthday raises question of what you can give a child who ostensibly has everything they need.

Date: 20 Jul 2015

Making redundancies – how to get it right

Chris Brazier looks at what you need to do if you are contemplating making redundancies in order to get it right.

Date: 17 Jul 2015

The potential perils of a quickie “I Do”

Married at First Sight attracting headlines as commentators debate merits of “social experiment” of marrying a total stranger.