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Date: 22 Jul 2014

Sporting lawyer takes a big Leap

Diane Yarrow has been appointed as a board member and ambassador for Leap, the Sport and Activity Partnership for Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes

Date: 22 Jul 2014

Bid to boost Thames Valley business

A competition for people in the Thames Valley which aims to boost local businesses is producing positive results.

Date: 21 Jul 2014

Rate rise ‘would hit small firms’

A report has warned that a rise in interest rates could have serious negative implications for up to  218,000 small businesses.

Date: 16 Jul 2014

Garden open day to help funds bloom for local charity

Garden lovers will be spoilt for choice on Saturday 9 August, with a rare opportunity to visit the private gardens of Bledlow Manor, home to...

Date: 15 Jul 2014

Britain’s recycling market ‘not working’

The UK's recycling system is outdated and wasteful, a new report claims, resulting in hundreds of millions of pounds worth of recyclable materials being lost...

Date: 14 Jul 2014

Executive pay ‘must be curbed’

The Government has been urged to stop the pay of top executives "racing away" from the average employee's salary.

Date: 11 Jul 2014

Presumed dead law ‘in force from October’

The families of people who've been missing for seven years will now be able to resolve their legal affairs by having them declared 'presumed dead',...

Date: 10 Jul 2014

Holiday pay reforms ‘could hit employers’

Potential amendments to the UK's employment rules could force companies to provide millions of pounds more in holiday pay to their workers, a business group...

Date: 09 Jul 2014

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Date: 08 Jul 2014

Appetite for entrepreneurship ‘remains strong’

Millions of UK employees are keen to set up their own businesses, new research suggests, although many would-be entrepreneurs lack knowledge of public liability risks.