Dear MPs,

I am a partner at the Gerrards Cross firm B P Collins LLP and so work in your constituency as a family lawyer. I am also a member of Resolution, the association of family law professionals.

I am writing to ask if you are able to attend a Parliamentary briefing organised by Resolution on the proposed reforms to divorce law, the aim of which is to seek to reduce conflict between divorcing couples. The briefing is taking place on Wednesday 28 November, 10-11.30am in Committee Room 10 in Parliament. 

As you may know, Resolution is an organisation of family law professionals who believe in a constructive, non-confrontational approach to the resolution of matters upon the breakdown of relationships, and help separating parents they work with to put the best interests of their children first.

As a family law professional working in your constituency, I believe in Resolution’s commitment to change divorce law in the hope of reducing conflict with particular emphasis upon minimising the impact on children.

In a recent academic study, one in five people who had used what is referred to as ‘fault grounds’ in their divorce petition said doing so made it harder to sort out arrangements for their children. By removing the need to blame one spouse in order to divorce without waiting for two years or more, I believe we can minimise conflict and animosity in the resolution of matters upon a marriage breakdown, and so reduce the negative impact on children. I hope very much that we, family lawyers and other professionals working in this area and assisting couples at such difficult times, can rely on your support towards achieving these aims.

I would be grateful if you were able to attend this important briefing and write back to me with your thoughts on the Government’s plans to modernise divorce law. If you plan on attending the briefing, please confirm your attendance with Dylan Underhill.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,
Sue Andrews

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