The end of every year tends to be a time for reflecting on the past 12 months and preparing for the new year ahead. Whether you’re continuing your fertility journey into 2021 or considering starting your own family through fertility treatment next year, there is a lot to take on board.

Growing numbers of people are creating modern families using assisted reproduction methods, but this year has had a huge impact on those who are on this route. During the spring lockdown, fertility clinics had to close, albeit temporarily, which must have been incredibly distressing for those whose treatment had to be suspended. Thankfully, however, fertility clinics were among the first permitted to reopen in May 2020 and fertility journeys could continue once again.

In recognition of these delays, the Department for Health and Social Care announced in April 2020, that those with frozen eggs, sperm and embryos that are nearing the ten-year storage limit timeframe, had the option to extend the storage for a further two years.  With the country under the grip of the pandemic, this was a welcome statement for many.

Even when Covid-19 is removed from the equation, there are still various considerations for parents undertaking fertility treatment in the UK.  And for those in more complex positions, including same sex parents, conceiving with donor gametes or parents wanting to co parent, they can find themselves in more complicated legal positions. In any case, it is vital to ensure that the full legal landscape has been considered, including legal parentage and the legal responsibilities that flow from this, which B P Collins can advise on.

We can also help you navigate the legal, financial, emotional pitfalls and challenges whilst clearly explain every stage to you, helping you to make informed choices. Our extensive expertise in fertility and family law is partnered with a sensitivity to the needs of you and your family and we aim to alleviate any stress the process can bring, whilst helping you to realise your wishes through bespoke and creative solutions.

B P Collins works with many clients who are undertaking fertility treatment in order to start their family, be it through surrogacy, donor conception or other assisted reproduction. If you would like any help or advice on the legal implications of your family building plans please contact our family team on 01753 889995 or email

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