Mums and Dads might be using their extended time at home to start looking at things that they’ve been meaning to get around to but never had the time, such as sorting out the house, looking at their finances and perhaps making a will.

A key advantage of making a Will is that you can control who your property and assets pass to when you die. You may also be able to minimise the inheritance tax due from your estate and appoint guardians for minor children.

Making a will doesn’t have to take too long and thinking in advance about what you own; who you wish to leave it to and who should carry out those wishes should speed things up.

The recent social distancing measures introduced as a result of COVID-19 has added an extra level of difficulty in seeking legal advice to make a Will. But as a solution, B P Collins’ team of qualified and experienced solicitors, is now offering virtual appointments to those seeking to make their Wills remotely.

We are offering an hour meeting via video call for you to give instructions, ask questions and receive some options and inheritance tax advice. Following the virtual meeting we will send across a draft Will for you to review. Once happy we will send out the Wills for signing with detailed instructions, which we can store on your behalf as part of the service.

As solicitors we are both regulated and insured for the work we do, and we have a duty to keep our legal knowledge up to date.

What if I become ill? Who can take care of my finances or make decisions relating to my welfare?

Unless you have a Lasting Power of Attorney in place (LPA) no one has legal authority to make financial or care related decisions on your behalf.

There are two types of Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA) that can help:

  • Property and Financial Affairs LPA – you can appoint another person (or people) under a LPA PA to manage your property and financial affairs, and to do anything with your property or finances, which you can do.
  • Health and Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA HW) gives the person (or people) you appoint the power to make health and welfare decisions, and can even specifically permit “life sustaining treatment decisions” on your behalf, again within the parameters of the powers granted and restricted under the document. This document only takes effect if you lose mental capacity and cannot make decisions for yourself.

If you would like to arrange a virtual appointment to discuss your requirements please contact our private client team on 01753 889995 or email

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