Unfortunately, our client had 9 penalty points on their driving licence and received a further two speeding charges taking them up to 15 points. When a driver reaches 12 points they are described as a ‘totter’. It is normal procedure for a ‘totter’ to be disqualified for at least 6 months unless they can show exceptional hardship.

However, James Constable prepared a statement for his client, with a number of supporting documents to demonstrate how our client and family would suffer exceptional hardship. In Court, James lead the client through his evidence and highlighted the key points to the exceptional hardship application. The Magistrates decided that on this rare occasion exceptional hardship had been successfully advanced and the client could continue to drive with 15 points on their licence.

This case demonstrates the importance of seeking legal advice in relation to driving offences. At B P Collins we have a team of motoring experts who are happy to provide advice and assistance. Please contact us on 01753 279039.

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