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10 November 2018

Fact or fiction?

Claire Filer

Claire Filer

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Many people look forward to spending time together during a family holiday as the chance to escape from everyday life is very appealing. But research from the University of Washington has shown that there is a spike in the divorce and separation rates when this happens, perhaps because the stress of spending more time with your spouse or partner, when there is a lot less distraction, can make couples realise that they’re not meant to be together anymore.  If you’re thinking about separating or divorcing, it’s always worth knowing fact from fiction. Why not test your knowledge below?

  • I can obtain a “quickie divorce” myself which will resolve all claims between me and my spouse with no need for specialist legal advice.  TRUE / FALSE
  • As I am a woman and the primary carer of the children I am entitled to 70% of the assets. TRUE / FALSE
  • As we lived together for ten years, I have the same rights as a married person. TRUE / FALSE
  • As a father it is impossible that I will have an order that the children live primarily with me because the court favours mothers. TRUE / FALSE
  • I am able to move to a different country or area of the UK without consulting the other parent as the children spend most of their time with me, even though there is no “living with” court order.  TRUE / FALSE
  • The fact that my actions caused the breakdown of my marriage will automatically impact my financial settlement.  TRUE / FALSE

Answer: Every single point is FALSE

If you wish to separate from your spouse or partner , it is imperative to speak to an experienced family lawyer. Call 01753 279046 or email

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