I’ve lost a loved one – what do I do next?

Once you have dealt with the priorities, registering the death and liaising with the funeral directors, it is time to navigate the probate process. We can help you with that if you are feeling too overwhelmed. A bereavement is difficult at any time, but particularly so in the current circumstances, so turning to someone who can remove some of the stress can often help.

How can we meet while in lockdown?

We can help you work out a plan as to next steps and this can be by way of telephone or video call which we will set up.  We are already successfully liaising with our clients using these options. Even if you are not technically minded, we make it easy to join and we can guide you through it if needed.  This is a great way of getting information to all the executors at the same time.

How can I obtain valuations and what about properties?

We are able to assist you with obtaining valuations and can give practical solutions to this. For reassurance and detailed guidance on how this part of the process works please do contact us on 01753 889995 and talk to one of our probate team.  We have a useful checklist, that we can send you, that you may find helpful in the first instance.

Can I do the work myself as I now have more time?

Personal applications can be made directly to the probate registry.  However, if there is inheritance tax due we can advise on the reliefs available and may be more efficient at liaising with HMRC and the probate registries on your behalf.  If there is no Will, it would be good to talk through the correct way to deal with the estate.  Our team are very flexible and able to adapt to your specific needs so do ask for guidance if you are unsure.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Sharon Heselton or one of our probate team  on 01753 889995 or by email enquiries@bpcollins.co.uk

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