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The art of good business

Good business is an art form. It requires skill and dedication.

At B P Collins we know what it takes to succeed. We’ve built our reputation on the work we’ve produced for local, national and international companies. From owner-managers to PLCs we work with you to eliminate risk and establish platforms for growth.

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Start-ups and entrepreneurs

The spirit of the entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are different. They have a spark, an ambition and sense of independence that drives them. They radiate energy. Simply put, we love working with them. Our job at B P Collins is to help you strip-out the risk and put the building blocks in place to grow your idea. If you’re thinking of starting a business, scan through the items listed in this section to see why we could be the perfect firm for you.

Setting out key terms of employment

Clear contracts and agreements for new members of staff helps reduce risk of any disputes arising later. 
> employment law

How to structure your business

Choosing the most appropriate business structure will stand you in good stead for future success.
> business law

Protecting your intellectual property

Without the right protection, technology and IP disputes can threaten the reputation of your brand and put your reputation at risk.
> dispute resolution

Negotiating a good deal

What to look out for and the factors that will help in negotiating a property lease.
> commercial property law

Developing potential

That difficult next step

Frustrating isn’t it? You’ve worked your socks off to get your business up and running. You’re expanding, everything is going well and then the inevitable growing pains start cropping up. More staff means more HR headaches. More work means a more robust system for delivering. This is where a lot of business fail. At B P Collins we’ve seen it all before. In this section we detail the things you should be considering for your business to take the next step.

Joining forces

Through mergers and acquisitions or joint venture arrangements, many developing companies combine their strengths to tackle new market opportunities and expansion plans. If you need to negotiate a successful corporate transaction, our lawyers will help you achieve those goals quickly and calmly.
> business law

Bridging borders

Expanding your workforce might involve sponsoring migrant workers from around the globe, so getting specialist advice for your business immigration needs is critical. Let our immigration lawyers help cut through the red tape and develop your business with confidence.
> employment law

Expect the unexpected

Failing to prepare for, or protect against, the unexpected can have damaging repercussions and knock even the best plans way off course. Matthew Brandis explains why you should expect the unexpected when developing your business.
> dispute resolution

The key to success

Find out from Frederic de Ryckman de Betz, founder of Attic Self Storage, how the support and advice from B P Collins was instrumental in helping the business grow from a start-up right through to a mature business.

Growth and maturity

Never standing still

The business world can be ruthless. The market and financial climate is always changing, presenting fresh challenges as well as hidden opportunities.  Your biggest risk is that you fail to evolve and let younger, hungrier competitors take what is yours. Our lawyers are experts in business evolution. They work with you to spot and exploit new opportunities, as well as ensure that you don’t stand still. Take a look at the items in this section for some examples of our expertise.

Entering UK markets

Whether your business is seeking growth by acquisitions, exploring joint ventures or new routes to market, our inward investment team are on hand with expert advice.
> business law

Former employee fall out

How we advise large organisations undertaking restructuring exercises on mitigating potential risks posed by former employees and competitors.
> employment law

Lease or licence?

If you need flexibility to change premises easily as your business grows or your needs change, licensing could be right for you.
> commercial property

Backstage support

Find out how B P Collins helped international events crewing company, Gallowglass, expand and diversify.

Exit and succession

Walking away

When you’re starting a business, it’s easy to forget that at some point you’re going to leave. Everything you’ve built, your legacy, is either going to be sold or handed down to someone else. It can feel a long way away, but you never know when it might arrive. The decisions you make early on can help when it comes to walking away. Our lawyers help you protect your investment, whether you’re selling or preparing for retirement. This section sets out how we can help.

Exiting the building

If a business wants to reduce its liabilities when it gets rid of its lease, what are the various options available?
> commercial property

Stepping aside

Whether selling your business, planning to retire or both, good succession and exit planning strategies are essential to ensuring your business continues to thrive.
> business law

Forward thinking

Exiting shareholders of M&C Saatchi Mobile explain how the corporate team at B P Collins ensured their smooth departure.

Protecting your wealth

Our estate and tax planning team will consider your situation, your family's situation and your finances, now and in the future to provide bespoke advice that complies with your retirement wishes.
> wills, trusts and probate

Personal Business

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