The UK’s sport and leisure sector is a substantial size and incorporates Health and wellness, outdoor activity, indoor sport, gaming, restaurants and cultural entertainment. Businesses working in the leisure industry contend with a broad range of challenges including recruitment, staff retention, real estate requirement and, in the case of online entertainment, intellectual property.

Our lawyers have significant knowledge and experience working with a broad range of clients across the sports and leisure industry. Whether your business is hotels, restaurants, sport or leisure, online gaming or galleries and museums, our lawyers are on hand to help.

What is Sports Law?

Sports law refers to the legal principles and regulations that govern various aspects of the sports industry and those within it. It encompasses the various legal and contractual issues and challenges faced by athletes, clubs, sports organisations, businesses, governing bodies, agents, sponsors, and other stakeholders involved in sports and the business of sport.

The business of sport can be complex: the commercialisation of viewing rights, merchandising, a growing regulatory framework or opportunities for commercial development and growth, the world of sport and business is ever-changing and having the best legal support at the right time avoids problems or solves them if they do occur.

Our clients come from a variety of different sports. We represent athletes, players in teams, sport organisations and clubs. On the business side of sport, our clients include owners, investors, sponsors and other sport-serving businesses.

If you need individual or corporate advice on acquisitions or sales, real estate purchases and developments, restructuring, employment or immigration, contractual advice, reputation management, commercial or disciplinary issues, or criminal defence, our lawyers are by your side throughout the process.

Clients include:

  • Sports charities
  • Rugby, football, and golf clubs
  • A national sports governing body
  • International apparel and clothing manufacturers and distributors
  • Current and former players and athletes, including several Olympians

What is Leisure Law?

Leisure law broadly refers to the legal principles and regulations involving activities related to leisure, recreation, and entertainment. It encompasses the legal issues and considerations associated with various recreational and leisure activities, including theme parks, amusement parks, sports and recreational facilities, health clubs, hotels, outdoor activities, and entertainment venues.

Leisure law often involves hospitality and retail businesses, and can include areas such as liability and risk management, contracts and agreements, intellectual property, commercial property, permitting and licensing, employment, regulations and licensing requirements, accessibility and inclusion issues and environmental and conservation considerations.

We work with owners, managers, investors and businesses operating at all levels of the hotel and leisure industry.

Clients include:

  • Stakeholders
  • Charities and local associations
  • Hotels, bowling and leisure complexes
  • Independent and franchise gyms
  • Health clubs

Whether it is an M&A deal, an investment transaction, a recovery of rent, or the purchase or development of real estate, our lawyers can help you with all legal requirements and considerations.

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