Limit your liability

Of fundamental importance to your business is how to ensure your products and services deliver revenue to your business.

Your commercial contracts can protect you by limiting your liability. They can reduce uncertainty by setting out processes for resolving challenging situations. They can ensure you present a consistent trading method to the market and thus enhance your brand and they can help you to provide a quality customer service. Our commercial lawyers are experienced in guiding you through the various challenges.

Contract overview service

Our commercial lawyers offer a contract overview service which is designed specifically to meet the needs of in-house teams who are looking for outsourced support. We can act as an extension to an in-house team during busy periods, where you simply do not have capacity or where you would like a second opinion about a contractual issue.

We also help you ensure your legal budget goes further, advising you on how to prevent costly and negative situations from arising and managing your risks, while our dispute resolution team will help you to fight fires if they occur.

Trading terms and supply contracts

Whether you sell products or services, to businesses or to consumers, we have a solution for you.

Not only will we provide you with robust legal terms of business including those to ensure you get paid, limit your liability, secure your intellectual property rights and more, we will also do the bit some lawyers miss out.

We’ll ensure your terms of business are properly incorporated in your contracts with customers and, if you require, we can provide training to your sales and/or contract teams to ensure they understand which clauses are sacrosanct and why, which ones can be relaxed and to what extent and give you the confidence to carry out your normal day to day business without constant worry.

Distribution and commercial agency agreements

If indirect channels to market are key to you reaching your customers, you will need or have in place commercial agreements with distributors (essentially resellers of your products) and/or agents (who market and/or sell on your behalf). Often the commercial terms of these documents appear straight forward but there are many pitfalls to be aware of.

These can include the impact of EU competition law which heavily regulate the extent and duration of restrictions placed on distributors, ensuring distributors and agents are motivated to maximise the market potential for your products and services and exiting such arrangements (especially commercial agency for the sale of goods which are regulated heavily in the agent’s favour).

If you are an agent or distributor, how can you best protect your investment in an important source of income? We understand all the possible pitfalls of these arrangements and, more importantly, our commercial lawyers can draw on many examples of successful routes through such challenges.

Franchising and business model licensing

Whether you are considering licensing your business model or franchising to access a greater market, there are many issues to consider including whether: the concept works and is capable of being franchised or licensed to others; have you protected your intellectual property, how do you plan to support the network, are you legally compliant, who owns the customers; what control exists over the network, how is a franchise or licence sold-on, how do you protect the brand?

Our commercial lawyers have helped both franchisors and franchisees, business licensors and licensees to exploit their concepts successfully and can help yours too.

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