Pre-nuptial agreement

A pre-nuptial agreement is a written agreement you make before your marriage setting out what should happen if you divorce. It is sometimes called a pre-marital contract.

A pre-nuptial agreement may be particularly important if there are substantial assets involved or children from a previous marriage. Although a pre-nuptial agreement may not be strictly enforceable, a properly drawn up agreement can influence the financial outcome if you later divorce.

Substantial assets

If you already have substantial assets and you want to keep those out of the reckoning if your marriage breaks down, or you have been married before and are taking property into the marriage that you want to keep separate for your own children, you should take legal advice about setting out an agreement.

International aspect

You should also consider a pre-nuptial agreement if there is an international aspect to the marriage, so that you might find financial awards made against you in the courts of more than one country.

The family law team at B P Collins can advise on and draft an agreement to provide peace of mind for the future.

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