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Mediation is an effective way to resolve all commercial business and private disputes very quickly, and at a fraction of the cost of court proceedings. Many high value commercial claims are now settled by mediation, with a substantial saving on both sides of legal costs and the executive time inevitably spent on going to court.

Settlements are achieved at mediation meetings, or shortly afterwards, in over 70% of all disputes, with an average saving in excess of £10,000 per party.

Mediation can take place before or during the court proceedings and can be quick to arrange. It is entirely confidential and “off the record”, and the mediator is not connected with either party.

Because mediation is a quick and effective way of resolving disputes, you are now required to consider going to mediation or other alternative dispute procedures before you issue any court proceedings. Anyone who issues proceedings prematurely risks having to pay the other side's costs, even if they win their case.

You will be actively involved in the mediation meeting and you will only settle the dispute if you decide that is what you want to do.

The terms of any settlement reached at a mediation meeting can be very wide-ranging and are not restricted to the points in dispute at the meeting. The settlement will normally bring any court proceedings to an end.

Mediation is effective in commercial business to resolve corporate disputes, shareholders’ disputes and disputes between businesses.  Mediation is also helpful in private law environments, such as boundary disputes and contested probate issues.

Our mediators

We have two highly qualified mediators available to assist you:

This team of experts can carry out mediations for you at short notice and at reasonable cost.

All our mediators are qualified with the leading training organisation, CEDR and have extensive experience of mediation meetings.

Our qualified mediators do not seek to act as a judge at the meeting and will not express opinions about the merits of your case.  Their sole objective is to assist you to settle the case with the other side.

Because all mediations are different, it is important to have experienced professionals to guide you through the process – whether acting as independent mediators or as your mediation advocate. 

B P Collins' experience in mediation law includes:

  • Contracts
  • Supply of goods and services
  • Negligence
  • Professional negligence
  • Property
  • Building and construction
  • Environmental, including pollution
  • Trade finance
  • Landlord and tenant
  • Partnership and companies including directors and shareholders
  • Intellectual property
  • Trusts, wills and inheritance
  • Boundary disputes

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