Child welfare

Whether cohabiting or married, the welfare of any child is the primary concern.

Ideally, you should negotiate arrangements as far as possible between yourselves. Depending on the circumstances, you will work towards an arrangement where both parents continue to be involved with the children and with each other.

Child maintenance

Typically, the children will continue to live with one parent, with the other having agreed contact rights and making contributions towards the children’s maintenance. You may find mediation helpful, or want to make use of the range of counselling services available to help children and their parents through what is often a very difficult time. We can recommend various services to suit your requirements.

Even if you cannot agree and go to court, this generally involves an initial conciliation meeting aimed at helping you reach an agreement yourselves. The court will be reluctant to impose a solution unless there is no other choice.

Consent order

Once you have reached an agreement, you may want to apply to the court for a consent order confirming it. We can assist with this application which can help ensure that both parties stick to the agreement in the future.

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