Personal insolvency is one of the most serious steps that can be taken to manage or settle overwhelming debts and covers a number of procedures that may apply to an individual in financial difficulties including bankruptcy and individual voluntary arrangements.

If threatened with bankruptcy or personal insolvency, our specialist personal insolvency lawyers can assist individuals through the process and provide advice on setting aside statutory demands and defending individuals at bankruptcy hearings.

B P Collins also offers assistance to businesses/individuals who wish to consider making someone bankrupt.

Our team support clients who are facing bankruptcy or insolvency

  • Statutory demands
  • Set aside applications
  • Bankruptcy
  • Individual voluntary arrangements
  • Property recovery
  • Repossessions
  • Restriction orders
  • International implications of insolvency

Individuals affected by bankruptcy and insolvency

  • All manner of misfeasance and related claims against directors / shadow directors / shareholders by office holders
  • Statutory demands and bankruptcy
  • Director disqualification actions
  • Directors’ duties
  • Court orders
  • Insolvency of a partner/spouse
  • Restriction orders
  • IVA individual voluntary arrangements
  • Personal liability relating to company debts

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