Intellectual property (IP) has become increasingly important for businesses. Effective measures now need to be taken to protect and enhance IP rights and, at B P Collins, we can help you and your business to take the right steps.

We advise on a wide range of IP related matters, including copyright, digital rights management, trademarks, know-how, advertising, domain names, licensing, confidential information, and trade secrets. We recognise that the correct management of IP rights is essential to brand protection and has a positive impact on a business’s profits and reputation.

IP is a rapidly growing area of law due to the greater prominence of digital technologies, the internet and social media and we enjoy working with our clients to identify the most advantageous IP strategy available. We offer expert guidance on the structuring of IP exploitation arrangements for the acquisition and disposal of IP assets and we take a commercial, pragmatic approach towards identifying the most profitable opportunities for our clients.

Whether you require strategic licensing and assignment agreements, content agreements or production and distribution agreements, our lawyers have vast experience drafting, negotiating and advising on IP documentation.

If issues arise and an IP-related matter becomes contentious, our experienced Dispute Resolution team can also assist. We will work closely with them to find the best solution for your business and it’s IP. Regardless of the nature of your IP query, we are here to help.

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