Neighbour disputes

From overgrown hedges to arguments over 'right to roam' footpaths, these days neighbourly discord can easily escalate.

Many disputes are centred around the grounds of a property; shared driveways, invading tree roots and intrusive hedges are among the 'hazards' which have seen neighbours resort to legal action in recent years.

Our property litigation solicitors can interpret the fine print in your property deeds and explain how they may affect you and your property to help manage future risks. 

Restrictive covenants

Legislation can also prove an unexpected hurdle should you decide to extend your property, particularly within the Home Counties, as many larger properties have restrictive covenants within their deeds. Designed to prevent or restrict any future building work with the aim of protecting any adjoining land, they can drastically affect the plans of your dream house.

Property development

We can advise on what opportunities there could be to develop the property within the legal landscape, or determine whether it is possible to revisit the original terms of the covenant to see if there is room for manoeuvre.

It is important to understand what you can and cannot do with your home to help avoid potential disputes but if a problem does arise, our residential property dispute lawyers will advise you on the best course of action, both in terms of costs and a swift resolution.

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