We have significant expertise in dealing with unauthorised encampments. Our dispute resolution team has been lobbying Government for a number of years to review, and change the law in this area, in order to better protect private landowners.

Finding an unauthorised encampment on your land is a stressful experience. To find that you may also need to have it removed at your own expense via the civil courts, can add distress to an already worrying situation.

Whilst in some cases, civil eviction is the only remedy, in many situations, there are other options including using the police to exercise the powers they have available to them. In some circumstances, the police may be reluctant to assist and serve the relevant notice to remove the unauthorised encampment, but by carefully examining the circumstances of each encampment together with a deep understanding of the law, it is always worth working with your solicitor to help demonstrate to the police why they should exercise their powers. Utilising this option is much more cost effective compared with the civil proceedings and it is quicker. This means less damage may occur to your land and the job of the eviction will fall to the police, which can be reassuring in a stressful situation.

If the initial response from the police is that they cannot assist, contact our team for further advice on your options to proceed before you accept the situation.

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