Jonothan specialises in all areas of criminal defence including road traffic and regulatory law. He has acquired an in-depth knowledge in these areas of law and he can advise and attend any interviews under caution conducted by authorities such as the Police, Environment Agency, Environmental Health, HMRC, Department for Work and Pensions and other Government departments. He will also prepare any case, should you or your company ever be required to attend a criminal court.

Jonothan can also advise on options available including assisting with your Victims Right to Review, should you be the victim of crime and the CPS or Police unreasonably refuse to prosecute an offender in your case. Jonothan has been able to set aside initial decisions made by the authorities by making challenges to an investigation and holding to account those whose duty it is to prosecute cases.


With nearly 30 years’ experience, Jonothan has represented many individuals and companies across the Thames Valley who were investigated by the authorities over a wide range of issues, which have included large fraud cases, environmental breaches, dangerous dogs cases and fatal road traffic matters. He has also taken two cases to the Supreme Court, the highest court in the UK.

Key achievements

Jonothan is accredited individually by The Law Society for his expertise in Criminal Litigation.

Successfully persuaded the police to reverse an initial decision not to charge an offender, who had committed serious sexual offences against our client,

Successfully persuaded the police to reverse an initial decision not to charge a motorist with serious road traffic offences that had seriously impacted upon our client and

EA V S, by challenging the decision making process ( that a company should be charged with environmental offences ) by serving the EA with a potential judicial review claim, the EA eventually agreed to reverse the initial decision to charge a company with a pollution event and conceded that the case could properly be dealt with by an out of court enforcement undertaking. This change of decision, saved the company involved many tens of thousands of pounds in potential court fines and reduced the risk of reputational damage,

On a number of occasions, persuaded the police to serve notices upon an unauthorised encampments thereby avoiding the expense and time involved in obtaining a civil court order to seek their removal. The police had initially stated that they could not assist and the matter was a civil one. By understanding the criminal law in this area, forming a clear strategy and challenging the police decision making process, the client’s were saved a large amount of money, had their land returned to them much quicker and further avoided massive potential clear up costs.

Outside the office

Jonothan spends his time outside of work keeping fit and healthy by swimming and going to the gym regularly. He enjoys spending time around nature with his two pet dogs and frequently visits national trust properties.

 Legal 500 UK Recommended Lawyer