Employing staff

Taking on employees is a key step in the growth and success of any business but it’s also a tangle of frequently changing rules and regulations. Setting out the terms of your agreement with a new member of staff in a clear written contract helps reduce the risk of any disputes arising later.

Contractual terms

A contract cannot override an employee’s statutory rights, such as entitlements to sick pay, maternity leave and the minimum wage, but it can improve on them and can cover particular areas such as confidentiality, intellectual property and restrictive covenants.

Bespoke contracts

Our employment lawyers can offer guidance on writing bespoke contracts and will ensure that any terms in the employment contract will be enforceable. We can also provide a comprehensive contract review service to ensure you are fully compliant with current legislation and best practice.

Contract review service

Employment law is constantly evolving and developing, and companies often find it difficult to stay up to date on their legal obligations. Therefore, we will carry out an assessment of your company’s contract of employment on a complimentary basis, in order to ensure that you are complying with current legislation and best practice.

If you would like us to carry out this service on a free-of-charge basis, please email the relevant documents to greg.clark@bpcollins.co.uk, quoting “Contract Review” in the title of your email.

Settlement agreements

Our employment lawyers can also advise companies on terminating employees by way of a settlement agreement. When used properly, settlement agreements are an effective way of terminating employment, recording the terms and the payments to be made and obtaining confirmation of an employee’s waiver of claims.

We can ensure your company’s settlement agreements are drafted effectively and reflect current trends (such as social networking sites) and can advise on areas for concern specific to your business when employees depart.

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