Disciplinary and grievance issues

Disciplinary and grievance issues can be a major burden to employers. Without putting in place and following the correct procedures, you run the risk of facing a claim of unfair or constructive dismissal.

Disciplinary procedure

Your disciplinary procedure should clearly state what disciplinary actions can be taken and who has the authority to act. For example, it should not include dismissal for a first offence, unless there has been gross misconduct.

Our employment law team will advise on creating and managing your procedures, in line with the ACAS Code of Practice – failing to follow this Code means you could face an increase of 25 per cent in any award made against you by an employment tribunal.

We can assist you with deciding what rules are needed: for example, on inappropriate behaviour – and how serious different offences are. This includes deciding what constitutes gross misconduct, meriting instant dismissal.  

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