Employee dismissals

Dismissing employees or making them redundant is difficult but it will get worse if you are taken to an employment tribunal to face a claim of unfair or wrongful dismissal.

Fair grounds

Fair grounds for dismissal include the conduct of the employee, their ability or qualifications and redundancy. You must follow a fair and reasonable dismissal procedure because an employee with two years’ continuous service who is dismissed without a fair reason or reasonable procedure can claim unfair dismissal.

Avoiding unfairness

Timely advice from our employment lawyers can make sure you avoid claims that a redundancy is unfair dismissal by ensuring that it is genuine. In general terms this means that the job must have disappeared. Also, employers must select employees for redundancy on a fair and objective basis, after reasonable consultation and with adequate notice and a fair appeals procedure.

Our team of employment lawyers can advise on the right procedures to follow when dismissing staff or making redundancies, helping to protect your business and minimise the risk of a legal dispute.

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