To mark Pride Month 2022, Greg Clark, who identifies as a gay man and is one of B P Collins’ employment solicitors, speaks about his experience working at the firm.

I have worked at B P Collins for five years, as a paralegal, trainee and now a fully qualified solicitor.

I have always spoken openly with my colleagues about my partner (and I even have his photo on my favourite office mug!) – but from their perspective my sexuality is just another piece of information about me, like my hair or eye colour. I consider myself very lucky to work at such an accepting and happy place with a strong commitment to equality and inclusion for its LGBTQ+ workforce.

Looking beyond the firm, as an employment lawyer, I am frequently asked to advise on avoiding discrimination in the workplace. It’s refreshing to see that our clients are so alive to the rights of the LGBTQ+ community, and are keen to tackle any discrimination to ensure a more diverse and inclusive culture within their companies. I’m delighted to be advising employers on that journey.

I am well aware that, sadly, there are LGBTQ+ people who’ve not had positive experiences in the workplace and would urge them to talk to their HR team, to B P Collins’ employment team or with the wide variety of supportive organisations out there for help and advice.

B P Collins has extensive experience advising employers and employees on workplace discrimination. B P Collins also offers employers diversity and inclusion training for their staff and can advise on company policies and staff handbooks to help avoid discrimination in the workplace.

For advice and support for LGBTQ+ people working in the legal industry, you can contact:

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