Empower your business leaders, management team and HR managers with the right tools delivered in a fun and interactive way.

Line managers need to know what to say when at the coalface of handling HR matters. More importantly, what should they not say.

We have worked with hundreds of companies since the firm started in 1966. We know line managers are often the first to be confronted with a HR matter. If not handled correctly the effects can be widespread, hugely damaging and potentially costly.

Our training will enable your line managers to say the right things and make the right decisions at the right time.

Our courses can be bought as:

  • a single course
  • a specific group of topics as a pick and mix
  • a series of ongoing training courses delivered over a period of time

Here are some courses available, for a full list of all our training, or to discuss a bespoke training package click here to talk to one of our consultants or email us at enquiries@bpcollins.co.uk


We offer training online or face to face at your premises for groups of up to 12 delegates. Timing varies by course content.

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