It is never easy to make any employee redundant. Employers take this responsibility seriously and want to help those leaving have the best opportunities in their future career. As businesses become more sophisticated in their CSR policies, many want to ensure their staff are part of what they do and this covers many areas including outplacement services.

Outplacement services can be offered to staff at any level from C suite executives to on-the-floor staff. Demonstrating commitment, fairness and support to those experiencing a time of stress is central to what many businesses value as part of their CSR strategy.

Our HR consultants can work with your business to provide a positive exit experience for leavers and enable them to feel prepared for their next role. They will help employees navigate their career transition and feel ready for the future.

In addition to redundancy and outplacement support, career counselling and coaching can be hugely beneficial to employees as they move beyond your business. Our HR consultants offer qualified Mental Health First Aid and coaching accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

Our HR consultants assist your business in redundancy and outplacement  by:

  • Working with employees to help them come to terms with the major change happening which is out of their control
  • Helping the leaver think about the options that are available to them
  • Providing practical guidelines in preparing a CV that will give them the best opportunity to get interviews
  • Preparing for different types of interviews
  • Supporting at a difficult time in their lives
  • Enhancing your employee relations with the remaining employees though the positive actions your business takes to support leavers
  • Assisting with your brand reputation management.

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