Business partnership disputes

Business partnerships, just like any relationship, experience both good and bad times. A well drafted partnership agreement is particularly important when conflicts arise and can often minimise the risks of disputes taking place.

A written agreement tailored specifically to suit your business can establish profit and loss share, the responsibilities of each individual partner, the outcome of a partner leaving and other important guidelines.

Bespoke agreements

If you are creating a new partnership, our lawyers can advise on bespoke agreements that compliment your business structure. We can also discuss with you the meaning of the terms in your existing partnership agreement, or if no such agreement is written, our lawyers can explain whether (and if so how) the Partnership Act applies to your current business relationship.

Asset dividing

Partnership disputes usually centre on how the assets of the partnership are to be divided and/or what should happen to the ongoing business and its customers during times of change. If a partnership dispute escalates, we will advise you of your rights and responsibilities and help you resolve it as quickly, and cost-effectively, as possible.

We are able to draw on a wealth of experience to secure the best outcome for our clients, whether by mediation or court action. Contact our employment law team to discuss your partnership issues.

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