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Living the dream

We all want to treat life as an adventure, but that can be hard when it keeps putting obstacles in our path. At B P Collins, our job is to take the obstacles away. We’ve built our reputation helping successful people with significant assets achieve peace of mind.

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New families and young professionals

The start of something beautiful

There is nothing more exciting than a new beginning. Whether you’re starting a family, or a new job, the thrill of possibility runs through you. But we also know venturing into the unknown can be daunting, which is why we’ve highlighted the things you should considering to ensure you spend less time worrying and more time enjoying your new start.

New additions to the family?

It is important to update your will whenever a change in your personal or financial circumstances, such as the birth of a child, occurs.
> wills, trusts and probate

Your guide to a stress-free house purchase

Moving house can be a stressful experience, so let us guide you through the procedures and address some of the more frequently asked questions.
> residential property

Your flexible working and parental rights

Given the complexity of such rules, you could be forgiven for not knowing where you stand with flexible working and parental rights but we're here to guide you through.
> employment law

Should you consider a pre-nuptial agreement?

The reality is that more couples are planning a pre-nup as a wise precaution in the event of future marital discord. Sue Andrews explains how they work and outlines the benefits of planning ahead.
> family law

Established families

The time of your life

We don’t tend to talk about our middle years. We often talk about our youth, or old age, but never the bit in-between. Why not? It’s when we’re in our prime. Ploughing ahead at work, enjoying our home life and generally more confident in our decisions and ourselves. It’s the most productive period of our lives, which is why we’ve spent time mapping out the various legal issues you might be considering right now.

Facing the breakdown of a relationship?

Facing the breakdown of a relationship and its financial and emotional consequences will be one of the most difficult times in anyone's life. Know where you stand and what the next steps are.
> family law

Setting up trusts

Trusts can be set up, not just to tackle the issue of inheritance tax, but also concerns about bankruptcy or divorce proceedings.
> wills, trusts and probate

Responsibilities of being a private landlord

As a buy-to-let investor, what are the legal responsibilities of a private landlord?
> residential property

Have you been unfairly dismissed at work?

If you believe your employer has breached your contract we can advise you on the most appropriate action to take.
> employment law

Senior years

Who are you calling old?

At B P Collins, we like to think “old age” is always at least ten years on from where we are. Forget age as a number and instead focus on a point in your life when you don’t have to do the commute into work and instead get to enjoy doing what you want to do. Sounds good doesn’t it?  In this section we identify the things you should consider to turn that dream into a reality.

Planning for future generations

What are the most efficient ways to mitigate inheritance tax and provide for grandchildren in your will?
> wills, trusts and probate

Have you planned your retirement?

Whether exiting your own business or preparing for later-life, what are the key considerations when planning your retirement?
> business law

Personal disputes

If your reputation, your wealth or your property is threatened, early advice resolves personal disputes quickly and cost-effectively.  With sensitive matters, such as inheritance disputes or slander, we provide valuable support through difficult times.
> litigation and dispute resolution

Have you considered arranging an LPA?

When should you consider arranging an LPA, which one should you choose and what scope do they give to an attorney?
> wills, trusts and probate

Elderly years

The golden age

At B P Collins we’ve worked with a lot of people in their later years, as well as their loved ones. We understand that it’s an emotional time and whatever issue we’re dealing with needs to be handled with sensitivity and respect.  In this section we’ve listed some of the ways we represent our clients in later life so that when you’re ready, you know that we can help.

Equity release schemes

As an alternative to a house sale or re-mortgage, we can advise on equity release schemes if you wish to free up some money but remain in your home.
> residential property

Protecting your estate

Conflicts often arise when disgruntled relatives and disappointed beneficiaries feel they have missed out. What are the common reasons for contesting a will and how can you protect your estate?
> wills, trusts and probate

Don't DIY estate administration

What are the benefits to using a solicitor for administering an estate, as opposed to doing it yourself?
> personal disputes

Added protection

You may consider leaving a share of your house to benefit a survivor's long-term care. Trusts offer valuable flexibility and wealth protection, as well as more options than a simple legacy gift.
> wills, trusts and probate

Personal Business

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