Beth Miel, corporate and commercial lawyer, B P Collins, explains how Brexit impacts the information that some companies are required to file at Companies House.

Brexit impacts the information that some companies are required to file at Companies House. These changes will mainly impact UK companies who have an EEA corporate director or secretary and EEA-registered companies, which have registered a UK establishment.

UK companies with an EEA corporate officer will now have to provide details of the corporate officer’s name, registered (or principal) office address, legal form and its governing law and register and registration number (if applicable). Details of the legal form and governing law were not previously required for EEA corporate officers and must now also be added to a company’s statutory registers.

EEA companies with registered establishments in the UK, are now subject to the Overseas Companies Regulations and will need to file information at Companies House in accordance with those regulations. 

An EEA overseas company with a registered UK establishment must provide the additional information to Companies House, including:

  • information on the law under which the company is incorporated;
  • address of its principal place of business or registered office;
  • company’s objects;
  • amount of share capital issued; and
  • company’s accounting period and period of disclosure (if the company is required to disclose accounts under its parent law).

Certain additional information must also be published on public facing material, for example, websites, letterheads and order forms, namely:

  • location of its head office;
  • legal form;
  • limited liability status;
  • notice that the company is being wound up, or is subject to insolvency or any other analogous proceedings (if applicable); and
  • any reference to share capital on order forms etc, must be made by reference to paid up capital.

Companies affected by these additional requirements have until the end of March to do so, by filing the relevant forms at Companies House and updating their public facing material.

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