On Sunday a dog not kept on its lead attacked a seal pup that had made Hammersmith Bridge its home for the last month. Sadly the seal pup had to be put down after the attack due to the injuries it sustained.

During lockdown a number of people have bought dogs which has led to an increase in dog attacks on wild animals. This may be in part to new dog owners being unfamiliar with the best conduct of their dogs around wildlife.

In January 2021 a dog owner received a fine of £600 for causing or permitting an animal he was in charge of to injure another animal. Since March 2020 four deer have been attacked in the Royal Parks and there have been 58 incidents of dogs chasing herds of deer.

An offence is committed by the owner in charge of a dog if it worries livestock. To worry livestock means to attack or chase the livestock. If convicted the owner will be subject to a financial penalty.

If you have been asked to attend a police interview on suspicion of your dog being out of control please contact enquiries@bpcollins.co.uk or 01753 889995.

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