B P Collins successfully represented a client who had been accused of speeding.

The Prosecution had obtained an expert report explaining that the speeds driven were well over the speed limit for the road in question. At the speed the Prosecution were alleging our client would have lost his driving licence and his employment. The client disputed the speed and we instructed a defence expert to analyse the footage.

After our expert statement was served on the Prosecution it became clear the Prosecution had made fundamental errors which could have led to a serious injustice had we not held the Prosecution to account. The Prosecution in light of our report, conceded that the initial speed was wrong and the correct speed was significantly lower which lead to our client avoiding a disqualification from driving.

This case demonstrates the need to seek legal advice in relation to motoring offences. At B P Collins we have a team of motoring specialists who are happy to provide any advice and assistance. To get in touch call 01753 889995 or email disputes@bpcollins.co.uk.

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