Principal Solicitor, Jonothan Moss has successfully defended a client wrongly accused of being involved in a traffic accident and leaving the scene. 

Jonothan prepared the case for trial and the Prosecution were challenged on their case. The client was not only fully exonerated but also kept their driving licence. Losing the licence would have left them unable to earn a living, leading to great hardship for the family and reputational damage.

Jonothan states how essential it is to make contact early when faced with such serious accusations. This allows for an appropriate strategy to be formulated and the case prepared accordingly so that any injustice can be avoided. 

What was particularly pleasing in this case was what at first glance may be seen as an open and shut case, upon proper examination and investigation by the defence, it was later shown that the prosecution interpretation of evidence was misguided and simply wrong.

After months of stress and anguish, the client is now at last able to move forward.

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