Having been in lockdown since 23 March 2020 the (fairly limited) relaxation of rules made by Boris Johnson on 10 May 2020 were welcomed by many.

The changes mean one can:

  • Exercise as many times a day as you wish.
  • Sunbath and sit in a park.
  • Meet someone from another household for a walk if you are 2 meters apart.
  • Collect pre ordered goods from shops that are otherwise closed.
  • Play tennis and golf with members of your household.
  • Resume buying, selling and renting properties.

Since the lockdown began police in England and Wales have issued more than 14,000 fines for alleged breaches to lockdown laws. The fine was increased after 10 May 2020 from £60 to £100.

Of these it has been disclosed that a number of people were wrongly charged with breaching the restrictions and even incorrectly prosecuted.

The lockdown regulations and penalties are constantly changing, almost as quickly as the laws that were drawn up to create the offences.

If you have received a fine for breaching the lockdown laws, have any questions or need any advice in relation to the regulations please contact James Constable on 07341 566327 or james.constable@bpcollins.co.uk.

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