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Notary Services Individual Notary Service

Individual Notary Service

As an individual, you may need help from a Notary in various situations, from foreign property transactions and overseas pensions claims to proving your identity to the foreign public and legal authorities. 

When may you need a Notary?

  • Selling or buying a property overseas
  • Applying for work abroad
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Witnessing signature of deeds and documents primarily for use outside the UK
  • Proving your identity/status to an organisation overseas
  • Sponsoring visits or settlements
  • Marriages abroad
  • Child adoption applications
  • Documents relating to share dealings or timeshares in the USA
  • Legalisation at the Foreign Commonwealth & Development Office or other relevant embassy/consulate
  • Taking oaths, statutory declarations and affidavits
  • Documents relating to the administration of foreign estates
  • Provision of a Certificate of English Law to enable the estate to be administered.
  • Consent To Travel
  • Pensions from a provider overseas
  • Authenticating documents and facts

Certification of copy documents for use abroad

For further information or advice please call 01753 889995 or email enquiries@bpcollins.co.uk.