Britain has officially begun the process of leaving the European Union (EU), after triggering Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.

A letter was handed to Donald Tusk, President of the EU Council, yesterday (March 29) to formally launch the two-year exit process.

Prime Minister Theresa May hailed the start of the Brexit negotiations as an “historic moment” which the country cannot turn back on.

In response to the letter, Mr Tusk said Wednesday was not a happy day for the EU and he will now be focusing on “damage limitation”.

Unless the UK's negotiations with the remaining members of the EU are extended, the country is now scheduled to leave the trading bloc in March 2019.

Britain's future relationship with the European single market is likely to be a key area of focus during the upcoming Brexit talks. Security, the future of EU citizens living in the UK, and a potential £50 billion 'divorce' bill will also be high on the priority list.

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