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Contract of employment

All employees will have a contract of employment. This does not necessarily have to be a written statement and can be agreed between the employer and the employee verbally.

However, employers are legally required to give every employee a written statement, covering specified terms and conditions, within two months of the employment beginning. Employees who are taken on for less than one month are not entitled to a written statement of terms.

This contract gives both you and your employer certain rights and obligations but no contract can override your statutory rights. For example, as an employee you have statutory entitlements to sick pay, maternity leave and the minimum wage.

Constructive dismissal claim

If your employer commits a serious or fundamental breach of this contract, our employment lawyers can discuss with you the merits of bringing a constructive dismissal claim against your employer following your resignation.

Breach of contract

Breaches of contract are wide-ranging but might include such things as singling the employee out for unfair treatment, failure to investigate grievances or harassment allegations, failure to prevent bullying or undermining the employee. An employee can also claim constructive dismissal if their pay is reduced without agreement or are told to resign.

Our employment lawyers can advise employees on the legalities of their contract terms and any grievances that might arise following their breach.

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