Today, B P Collins’ Dispute Resolution team has extended its criminal law practice to include an extensive range of services. Jonothan Moss, principal lawyer can advise clients accused of a crime in any of the following areas

In addition to these services, the team can also represent victims of crimes and landowners subjected to unauthorised encampments.

Matthew Brandis, partner, and head of the Dispute Resolution team says:

“Despite the turbulence and the economic challenges we face, we still believe in investing in our teams, so that we are well positioned to support and advise our clients now and in the future. This is why we felt now was the right time to expand our criminal law practice.”

Our solicitor says: 

“Facing a criminal charge or investigation can be a life changing event. B P Collins’ aim is to always properly advance your case, advise you on your rights and protect your interests.

We provide expert advice and rigorous representation for individuals and companies being investigated or prosecuted for criminal offences.”

On defending victims’ rights, Jonothan Moss, principle lawyer adds: 

“It can be extremely tough for the victim of a crime to move on until there is justice served. Just because the authorities say there is no prospect of a conviction, this should not necessarily be the end of the matter. We have significant success on behalf of victims in overturning initial decisions by both the police and Crown Prosecution Service.”


With 30 years’ experience, Jonothan Moss specialises in all areas of criminal defence and can advise and attend any interviews under caution conducted by the authorities such as Police, Environment Agency, HMRC, DWP or Environmental Health. He will also prepare any case, should you or your company ever be required to attend a criminal court.

Jonothan can also advise you on options available including assisting with your Victims Right to Review, should you be the victim of crime and the CPS or Police unreasonably refuse to prosecute an offender in your case. Jonothan has been able to set aside initial decisions made by the authorities by making challenges to an investigation and holding to account those whose duty it is to prosecute cases.

For any information or advice please contact our Criminal Law team on 01753 889995 or email

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