When life throws a curveball it can seem overwhelming. Our criminal team recently represented a client charged with speeding where, when we were appointed, the client felt they were about to lose their driving licence. This would have had a life changing impact and the client was extremely worried.

The law isn’t always black and white and courts assess the details of each case on its merits. In this case our criminal team worked closely with our client to understand all the facts related to the speeding offence and our client’s circumstances. The team were able to draw out significant mitigating circumstances in court and enable the judge to consider the impact of a driving ban on the client.

Our client was given a positive future as a result of the support we were able to provide to avoid them losing their licence and they gladly accepted six points so they didn’t lose their livelihood or risk significant detrimental impact on their family.

If life throws you a curveball, and you find yourself in need of legal representation, please contact Olivia.duncan@bpcollins.co.uk for guidance.

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