Jonothan Moss, principal lawyer in our Dispute Resolution team, has persuaded a criminal court to keep a restraining order in place. The firm was contacted by a victim of crime, who at the time of sentence of the offender, was given the benefit of a non-contact restraining order so that she could be protected and move forward with her life after an abusive relationship.

Seven years later, the Defendant applied for the order to be removed. All relevant evidence was put together to show that the order was both necessary and proportionate and placed before the court. The application to remove the order was strongly defended and the court agreed that given the history and potential implications of removing the order, that it should remain in place.

Jonothan was well aware that the removal of the order would have had a profound impact upon the client. They were concerned that all the steps taken to move forward with their life may have been in vain. A thrilled Jonothan commented “I am delighted with the outcome. This allows the client to maintain the protection of the initial order and keep the past very much in the past.”

In the event that you are faced with a similar situation, please contact Jonothan Moss on or 01753 889995.

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