Our team is experienced in advising parties to construction contracts which are, or may become involved in, adjudication. 

Adjudication is a simpler and a less expensive alternative to traditional litigation and allows parties to get a quick interim decision and move forward.  A party to a construction contract has the right to refer a dispute to adjudication at any time and it is an effective tool to resolve disputes during the life of a project and which often relate to issues of cash flow.

The construction team at B P Collins advises on all aspects of adjudication, such as: key contractual terms, possible jurisdictional challenges, identifying who is best placed to give evidence, what specialist external support may be required, as well as what documentation our clients will need to bring together to support their claim or defence.

What we do

Our approach in the construction team is to work with you to identify a proportionate strategy to achieve the outcome you need. We will clearly, and in plain English, work through the claim with you and give clear legal and strategic advice on how to move forward.

We will assemble an experienced legal team to support you and which will include, if required, external support from other professionals in the construction industry.  We help you prepare what is needed to bring or defend a claim and will support you through all stages of the dispute resolution process – from beginning to end – to achieve your objectives.

See below for a timeline of the adjudication process.


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