Fear of losing home

When faced with a dispute over your mortgage, the fear of losing your home can be over-whelming.

Our specialist property litigators can advise homeowners on how best to approach difficulties with the terms and conditions of a mortgage and can facilitate clear and early lines of communication between lenders and borrowers to encourage a solution with regards to arrears and avoid, where possible, the need for repossession proceedings.

Our property litigators are also experienced in defending a mortgage possession claim in court on behalf of their clients.

Mortgage fraud

Fraudsters are becoming more sophisticated in their attempts to generate large sums of money at the expense of the rightful property owner.

Despite a cautionary approach and diligent checks on the security of their investment, some homeowners can be the unwitting victim of mortgage fraud, only becoming aware of any wrongdoing at the point of sale.

Our litigators have considerable experience in dealing with property and mortgage fraud and have successfully set aside charges against properties.

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