Matthew Brandis, practice group leader for the Dispute Resolution team at B P Collins LLP, recently settled a claim he issued at Court for one of the firm’s recruitment consultant clients. 

This was a classic case where our client introduced one of their candidates to their customer – however, when the candidate was subsequently employed by the customer a few months later the customer refused to pay the relevant introduction fee. 

Matthew tried to encourage the debtor to resolve the matter amicably but they unreasonably refused to do so, citing various unmeritorious defences; and therefore Matthew advised our client to immediately issue Court proceedings.

As soon as Court proceedings were issued payment for our client’s fees were forthcoming, in full, and the matter was resolved amicably.

Commenting on the case, Matthew said: “It’s a sad fact of the current economic climate that some debtors will try to wriggle out of their obligations in the hope that creditors will simply give up.

“However, it is clear from this case that if a debtor’s bluff is called a successful outcome can be achieved and the creditor does not get a reputation of being a soft touch when it comes to credit control”.

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Matthew Brandis
Practice Group Leader

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