Freehold and leasehold

Before acquiring freehold or leasehold premises for your business, our commercial property lawyers can guide you through the due diligence process and advise you throughout the whole process from heads of terms to completion completion of the transaction.

Buying freehold property puts you in control of the premises needs of your business, allowing you to occupy them indefinitely, alter them, use them as security for borrowings and dispose of them when required, but may involve a significant outlay of capital or borrowing.

Owning commercial property is a major commitment that brings responsibilities and potential liabilities. For example, you will take on all the responsibilities for managing the premises and you will need to think long-term, anticipating possible changes in your business needs or in the prospects of the property’s locality.

Compared with purchasing business premises, leasing commercial property can be more flexible and ties up a minimal amount of capital. However, taking on a commercial lease can be fraught with pitfalls for the unwary and, like any long term legally binding commitment, requires proper legal advice.

Our experienced commercial property lawyers can assist in smoothing out the challenges of taking, granting and renewing leases as well as administering sales and leasebacks.

Site acquisition and disposal

Acting for various commercial and residential property developers, our property lawyers have considerable experience advising on the legalities of site acquisition, assembly and disposal.

We can advise on and have dealt with many high value transactions for businesses including portfolio acquisitions and disposals and the acquisition of development sites and regeneration projects for commercial, industrial, residential and retail use.

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