Property lease

For many businesses, taking a lease is the cheapest and simplest way to secure business premises.

There are a wide range of leasehold commercial premises available and agreeing the right lease gives you a secure base without the immediate up front costs of buying freehold premises.

Leasing premises

Leasing business premises is not without its problems and costs and we can assist you so that your lease fits the commercial needs of your business and help to eliminate some of the hidden costs and pitfalls associated with leasing premises.

Break clauses

You might want to negotiate a break clause allowing you to break the lease early, or the right to assign the lease to another tenant or to sublet the premises. Conversely, you may want the right to renew the lease at the end of its term.

Rent reviews

Our commercial property lawyers can provide you with detailed advice on these issues and can also advise you on the rent review terms in your lease, putting you in a strong position to negotiate a more favourable lease rent.

Throughout your lease term, disputes may arise. Without timely legal advice, commercial lease disputes can be drawn out and expensive but our team of dedicated property litigators can give expert guidance should a problem occur.

Our experienced property team can advise accordingly on all of your commercial leasehold legal requirements.

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