A national survey* has found that while 98% of people believe they are law abiding citizens, the average person is guilty of committing 32 offences every year. The study also found that the top 40 list of offences in the country include speeding; and driving while using a mobile phone or eating or drinking.

Many minor driving offences can result in points on your licence and a fine. However, a major motoring offence can result in an unlimited fine; a driving ban, which may cause exceptional hardship for your family; a prison sentence and a criminal record, regardless of whether you’re army personnel or not.

How can B P Collins help?

  • Whether you have been charged; have received a notice of intended prosecution or a summons, it is important to seek legal help straightaway. Our driving offence lawyers provide a fixed fee service for an initial meeting to advise you on the most appropriate course of action. Wherever you are in England and Wales, we will attend all interviews under caution, prepare your case and defence and arrange representation in court, should that be necessary.
  • Our team also has the ability to consider and progress, where appropriate, a special reason for why the offence took place. This may include matters such as spiked drinks, medical emergency and shortness of distance driven. If successful, this gives a court the discretion not to endorse a licence.
  • If you already have nine points on your licence, the conviction of a new speeding offence would make you a ‘totter’, tottering is when you have 12 points or more on your licence. This could lead you to be disqualified for a minimum period of six months, which may result in exceptional financial hardship for your family. Our team can work with you to prepare arguments for an exceptional hardship application in Court, which could mean an early return of your driving licence.
  • We will communicate clearly at all times with you, so you know exactly what is happening and work to protect your interests in every situation.

Due to the technical nature of this area if you are charged or investigated for any driving offence, it is crucial you seek legal advice. If you’d like to discuss your matter in confidence, you can contact our team on 01753 889995 or email enquiries@bpcollins.co.uk

*Survey was conducted by OnePoll

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