Corporate divorce

Shareholder litigation can be very complex and demanding for all parties involved but it is often the only mechanism for unravelling a dispute between participants in a business where the shareholders’ agreement is missing or inadequate or where the rights of one or more shareholders are undermined by others.

Often dubbed “corporate divorce”, petitions under Section 994 of the Companies Act are often among the most taxing forms of litigation, so direct experience of handling them is a pre-requisite of success.

Our dispute resolution lawyers work hard on behalf of our clients to unravel these disputes without the need for litigation, where possible, and have a solid track record for narrowing and resolving shareholder disputes by means of mediation. Where litigation is the only option, our lawyers have successfully guided many clients through the various stages of the court process, up to and including trial.

Shareholders agreements

Often the best way of insulating shareholders from the risk of corporate divorce is the equivalent of a corporate pre-nuptial agreement, known as a “shareholders agreement”. This can be absolutely critical in maintaining a stable shareholder base, particularly when external capital is employed.

We work closely with our corporate colleagues to draft cutting edge agreements that deliver peace of mind and security in business.

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