Court order

An injunction is a court order that either prohibits a party from carrying out a particular action or requires them to do something. An injunction can take several forms but will usually involve an urgent application to court.

Injunction requirement

When there is no other suitable remedy to the problem, our dispute resolution lawyers are able to respond rapidly and effectively to firstly demonstrate to a Court the need for an injunction and to then obtain one.

Our lawyers are equally experienced in advising corporate clients and individuals served with an injunction, who will need to act quickly to comply with the often onerous terms of that order and may want to try to have it overturned.

Safeguarding clients’ interests is paramount to our team who have a proven track record of obtaining and defending applications for various types of injunctions at the High Court.

Types of injunction

  • Freezing injunction – an order preventing the disposal of assets by a party pending the outcome of the claim.
  • Prohibitory injunction – an order prohibiting a party from carrying out a particular action.
  • Anti-suit injunction – an order restraining a party from pursuing court proceedings in the courts of another country.
  • Mandatory injunction – an order that requires a party to carry out a particular action.

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