Regardless of whether your staff work remotely or are office based, they will require training at some point. Margaret Keane from HR2HELP advises that although this will require an investment of time and money, if the training is memorable, engaging and interactive, it will contribute to staff productivity and increase retention rates.

The positive impact of staff training on a business is widely accepted but specifically it:

  • Increases productivity: Employees who receive proper training perform their jobs more effectively and efficiently, resulting in increased productivity and improved work output.
  • Improves performance: Through training, employees learn more about their roles and develop the competencies needed to enhance their performance and excel in their jobs.
  • Enhances job satisfaction and engagement: Opportunities for training show that an organisation values its employees and is invested in their growth and development. As a result, employees may be more motivated and satisfied at work.
  • Creates agility: Training programs promote a learning culture and foster resilience in the face of change. They can help employees develop skills enabling them to adapt to changes more quickly in the workplace, such as technological advancements or shifts in business strategies.
  • Achieves consistency and standardisation: Training ensures that employees receive consistent information and adhere to standard procedures and practices. This helps maintain uniformity in work quality and customer service, leading to a cohesive and professional work environment.

Practicalities around training staff

Before undertaking any training, considerations may include the investment in time and money that is required; choosing and planning training topics that are relevant to your business or whether your staff may leave once they are trained. And, perhaps tougher to answer, is how will the training be implemented?

It is important for businesses to weigh up these considerations, but imagine what your business would be like with untrained employees. It could cause damage to your reputation and in the long term more time and money may be incurred unravelling mistakes that have been made. Inadequately trained and unengaged employees will experience poor job performance. Plus, if your employees are feeling unhappy and undervalued, the chances are they will leave and find a company that will offer progression and development opportunities.

HR2HELP offers online or face to face training at your premises for groups of up to 12 delegates. Timing varies by course content. To find out more about how we can help you or discuss any particular training you may be interested in, contact our consultants on 01753 889995 or email us at

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